‘Unable to build proxy’ in M2Web

We’re using M2Web to access Simatic touchpanels using Sm@rtServer.

Some of the devices are giving the ‘Unable to build proxy’ error.

Thanks in advance

Are you able to access these touchpanels when connected through eCatcher instead of M2Web?

Are all Simatic touchpanels giving this error, or just some of them? If only some of them, have you noticed any trends in which ones allow you to connect?

Are all of the devices you’re trying to connect to attached to one Ewon device? If so, can you use eBuddy to capture a backup with support files for us to look at?

Yes, through eCatcher all works fine…

on M2Web , some device works good, other report ‘Unable to build proxy.

systems are different And each HMI is connected to its own ewon.

For the devices that are causing issues, can you connect to the Ewon itself using M2Web? I’d like to determine if it’s the device you’re connecting to that’s causing issues, or something with the Ewon you must connect through to the device.

If you can’t connect to the Ewon either, can you share the Ewon’s name?

through M2Web i can access to ewon web interface…
i check the log on ewon, but i can’t see any error in conjunction with the access attempts.

Can you submit a support request at https://support.hms-networks.com/ ? I think this case will need more in-depth troubleshooting than we can generally provide on the forums.