Unable to build proxy X10

Our supplier has successfully connected to the gateway remotely. But, I get the unable to build proxy error when I try and connect with my computer. Please provide guidance on how to connect.

Hi @Serg

Are you trying to do a remote desktop connection with a PC through one of the eWON devices?


Or what part of the device are you having issues reaching?

Hi Tim, yes that is correct.

Can you try and go through that document and let me know if you’re still running into issues?

Will do Tim, thanks.


What am I supposed to add for a valid user?

I think should be the user/password login info for that PC

Tim, that document was no help. Is there an option to schedule a teams or skype call and walk me through the process of resolving this?


Hi @Serg

Is there a time today that works for you? We’re available from 8AM - 5PM EST.

Here’s a teamviewer link so that we can try and remotely diagnose this.


Tim let me know if this time works. I need your assistance in getting this corrected ASAP.


Hi Serg,

I’m not sure if there was an issue in the email but I didn’t see a time in your last message? I’m free right now (3PM EST) if you’re available to work on it now?


You can also reach us at 312-893-5636

Hi Tim, I am free. How do I connect?

Can you run that link that I sent you? It should give you a user id and a password. Then if you could send me those 2, I should be able to get online with you

Tim, please call my cell. I am waiting to receive it.


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