Unable to connect Ethernet/IP to Anybus Gateway AB707

Dear All,

I am using an Anybus gateway AB7007-C and I want to configure it. I connect my ethernet cable from my PC to the gateway but I can’t communicate with it. The LED 2 “Net Status” is off. I tried other cables but it is still the same. I tried to reached it through my network swith but the issue is same. And nothing is found on the HMS IP Config software. Do I have somethig specific to do ?

Thank you for your support.




Are you trying to configure the unit? If so, you will need to use the serial to RJ11 cable to connect to the bottom port. Also, ensure that you have our Anybus Transport Provider installed on you computer.


Hello and thank you for your reply.

I thought we could configure the module via the ethernet port. I understood later that this is not the case and I managed to configure the module via ACM with a USB/RS232 connector connected to the cable rj11/rs232 of the module. Now it’s ok but it was not clear for me at the beginning.