Unable to see Camera with Wireless Bridge 2


Hello Brayton,

Per our conversation, you have a Anybus Wireless Bridge II devices that you are using for your camera systems. You recently restored the physical connection of a monitored camera, but you are unable to view it through the UI’s. Afte discussion, and a visit the Bridges. You found that the the client IP (x.x.x.251) is now acting as the access point, but the previosly configured access poing (x.x.x.250) is not responding.

I advised that you run through the EzCongig to restore the access point/client configuration, and add a new entry for the camera.

You can give us a call back, reference this topic number. Or you can respond directly to this topic.

Please let me know if i can provide any additional information.


Hello Brayton,

In summary of resolving the issue. We had you update the firmware to latest version. We also verifed the network settings to ensure there were no conflicts occuring.

Once finished, we connected the camera and was able to establish a connection.

Please let me know if we can provide any additionla information.