Unable to set up account

I have downladed the ST cloud app. I registered for an account, but the email verification link did not work. It now is telling me to start over, but when I try to create an account again it says “the resource already exists in the API.” Please assist in activating/verifying account.


Please create a case at https://mysupport.hms.se/

When creating a case provide the email, and devices that you are using.

UPDATE: I see that you already created a case on the our Support site. I’m looking into this now

Thanks, I did a couple days ago. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.


I am looking into this now.

We only monitor the forum Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.

Thank you.

Hi I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but I’m trying to find out what the “extremes protection” option does on the AC cloud app.


Active: ACCC the function cool or heat protection can be activated or deactivated.

  • Protection temperature: the temperature maximum or minimum can be settled in order to
    do not let it drop or rise over or below to the temperature wanted.
  • Hysteresis temperature: the tolerance in degrees can be configured from 1 to 4 degrees.

It is just an absolute barrier for the AC to operate in.