Unable to start CAN controller

Hi Support Team,

We just purchased a CAN@Net NT 200 and 420 device and I was able to power up the device and connect to it and set it in a particular mode.

POWER is green
STATUS is blinking GREEN
USR is blinking and toggling between GREEN AND ORANGE
The Data rate port on Ethernet interface is orange. (If I connect an ethernet cable, I get green on the other side also). However at this point I am connecting to the device using USB cable.

I then connected the HS CAN wiring to this device. When I connect to the device, the lights flash red for 10 times and after that there is no activity on the CAN LEDs. I cannot see any can controller active in the canAnalyser also. I have cofigured the CAN 1 and CAN 2 to operate in 11 bit standard CAN messages at 500 kBaud using the config tool.

Can you please help what I need to do so that I can see CAN messages in the canAnalyser tool. I need to eventually received them over TCP/IP so, I have set it to ASCII gateway mode.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.


Hi Suman,

Are you able to see the device inside of the CAN Gateway Configurator? If you are able to see the device here, are you just having trouble reading data?

Hi Tim, Thank you for your response.

What exactly do you mean by the device inside the CAN Gateway. I do see the device in the tool. I was able to connect to the device and get its configuration and CPU load etc.

However, the CAN controller is not getting activated. I dont see a green LED on CAN1 or CAN2 when I connected to a CAN system with lot of CAN messages going around.

Yes, I dont see any CAN data coming to the canAnalyser (in fact the canAnalyser cannot find any CAN controllers).

Hi Rob,

We have purchased the device (from digi-key, the supplier mentioned below did not have it) but unfortunately we are not getting any support on setting it up.
We powered up the device was able to use the software tool to connect to it and configure.
But we were not able to enable the can controller. The CAN1 or CAN2 does not turn ON.

I have tried putting two posts on the tech forum and sent one direct message to a staff who was online.
The posts did not get posted on the forum for more than 24 hours while the average time shown for approval of post was mentioned as 5 mins.
Neither did I get any response for the message I sent to staff who showed up online.

Can you please suggest if I am using the right channel for support?


Hello Suman,

Can you please provide a phone number so I can call you and discuss this issue.

From your above messages it looks like usb to CAN is not seeing valid CAN traffic. This might be caused from a wiring issue or improper termination on the bus. Do you have two 120 ohm resistors at both ends and do you see 60ohms across the two bus lines?


Hi Deryck

Thank you for the response.

2489850090 is my direct number.

Can you please call for a quick chat.


Btw … what we bought is a CAN to Ethernet device …
I dont have any resistors connected, I just connected the CAN High and CAN low into the CAN@net box.

It can find the device over USB and the IP address is 100.10 but it cannot find while searching over network… why ?

Search for USB devices:

  • CAN@net NT 200 V5.00.02 ‘CAN@net NT’ with serial number ‘HW908039’ and IP address ‘’ found
    1 USB device(s) found.

Search for network devices:
Scan on host port '’
Scan on host port ‘’

Hi Deryck,

Added a 60ohm resistor which is apparently the usual addition done in hardware lab between the can high and can low, but I don’t see any activity on CAN yet.

can you please tell what you mean by 120ohm at both ends. Both ends of the two bus lines i.e. starting or ending of those lines? can you please give some more detail on the 120ohm part.


Here is what I did and I think it is in-line with what you suggested…

CAN High =======================================>CAN High of CAN@Net
|| ||
DSUB-9 120ohm 120ohm
|| ||
CAN Low ========================================>CAN low of CAN@Net

Measured the resistance between the two lines also, it is 60ohms.

I don’t see any activity on CAN LEDs even with this wiring… I am sending data using a USB based CAN device.

Hello @suman.yelatim
Here is a wiring diagram of a can bus I found.

Here is a document from National Instruments that covers the physical layer of a can bus. It looks like you should be ok with your setup if you are only going directly to a usb to can device.

Would you be available for a teamviewer session to allow me to take a look at the configuration in the Gateway confiscator. I would also like to see how you are monitoring the data going into the gateway.


Hi Deryck,

After sending some protocol related messages over the Ethernet to CAN@Net device to initialize the CAN controller, I was able to see some CAN Data.
Apparently only after this protocol messages, the CAN controller will turn on. It does not turn on by default.

I am okay for now, I will get back if I face any further issues.


Hello @suman.yelati,

Thank you for the update. Glad to hear it is working, I was not suspecting that the Controller was not sending data. In Hindsight this does makes sense.

Best Regards,