Update Firmware AB7649-F

I have an Update AB7649-F, I need to do a factory reset, but the Firmware is missing. Does anyone have the file that they can provide me?

What is the device serial number?

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Serial Number: A04ADEE8.

Thank you

Here is the firmware file:
FWP_ABX_V_3_29_01_D.fwp (73.6 KB)

And release notes which have instructions for updating:
Release information.docx (48.0 KB)

It tried to download the firmware, but it always stays at this step of restarting the module. Is there another way to download?


No, this is the only way to do the update.

Try power cycling the gateway right before you start the download.

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Thank you, I disconnected the power after starting the download of the module files and then tried the download again when I turned on the module, that’s how it worked for me.

The download completed successfully.


Great - let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello Kyle,

Is there any significance about the “F” at the end of part number AB7649? Thanks.

It’s the hardware version. F is the latest currently.

Thanks Kyle!

You’re welcome.