Updating background by UID, ViewON


I am trying to do this on a box/group that has a UID assigned to it. Instead of “body” I put in “#UID_theNumber”, but it does not work. Thoughts?


When you say a box, do you mean an actual rectangle or like a combo box?

I have a rectangle (not a combo box), but it is grouped with some other elements as well. Basically the rectangle has an ID#, and the entire group of elements has an ID# as well.


A rectangle is a bit different than updating a raw html object. Basically the rectangle is a component inside of the main SVG. So we can’t use the default updates here but we can access it via an attribute.

$('#youruid').attr('fill', 'yournewcolor');

In this case the attribute we need to update is called fill.

That will allow you to update the fill color. Now I will say, I would recommend using the HEX color code as it will work a bit better than just the default colors.