Updating Backup ewon flexy FTP

Dear Support,

I am trying to update the backup configuration of a ewon flexy, follo my code here:

comcfg$ = “$dtSC $ftT $fncomcfg.txt”
config$ = “$dtCF $ftT $fnconfig.txt”
events$ = “$dtEV $ftT $fnevents.txt”
progrm$ = “$dtPG $ftT $fnprogram.bas”
rteven$ = “$dtRE $ftT $fnrtevents.txt”
sysinf$ = “$dtES $ftT $fnsysinfo.txt”
A$="/NOMBRE_"+T$(7 To 10)+T$(4 To 5)+T$(1 To 2)+T$(12 To 13)+T$(15 To 16)+T$(18 To 19)+".tar"
PUTFTP A$ , “[$dtTR $fnbackup.tar $td{” + comcfg$ + “},{” + config$ + “},{” + events$ + “},{” + progrm$ + “},{” + rteven$ + “},{” + sysinf$ + “}]”, “user:password@IP”

I get an error 24003 tryong to connect socket.

I would apreciate your support on this issue,

Thanks in advance,

from the error it seems like it is not getting past making a connection the the remote device. So i don’t think the issue is with the program rather something on the networking side.

Thanks deryck! Finally a find the issue. It was related with TLS Support on the FTP server: Once disabled it works.

Let me add another doubt please, a get a .tar and when i try to recover it to the ewon a get fail. Once the Flexy 205 restart i can observe scritp area are removed. Could you confirm me if the script for backup it is correct?

comcfg$ = “$dtSC $ftT $fncomcfg.txt”
config$ = “$dtCF $ftT $fnconfig.txt”
events$ = “$dtEV $ftT $fnevents.txt”
progrm$ = “$dtPG $ftT $fnprogram.bas”
rteven$ = “$dtRE $ftT $fnrtevents.txt”
sysinf$ = “$dtES $ftT $fnsysinfo.txt”

Thanks in advance,

I’m not sure I follow what you are asking here. It might be from not from fully following your process here. Are you FTPing files from an ewon to backup the device?

The basic ide program file is called program.bas and the export block descriptor is $dtPG. Both look correct in your example .

Export_Block_Descriptor.backupV2.fm (windows.net)
EBD Helper (ewonsupport.biz)

Dear Deryck,

Thanks again for your quick response. As you ask me it is correct: The exercise here is to obtain a backup.tar file for use directly to restore with ebuddy.

In the current backup, we need to convert the tar generated by the script with the etar.exe to manage this .tar normally and use the backup.

We are looking now to improve the script to recovery easily from ebuddy.

Thanks in advance,

We have a backup.tar file link from the internal webpage file access. this is just using the following EBD. You should be ble to use the same

$dtTR$td$fnbackup.tar{$dtPG $fnprogram.bas},{$dtCF $fnconfig.txt $ftT},{/usr/*},{$dtSC $fncomcfg.txt $ftT}

Encoded to use in a URL should look like this :

Thanks again deryck

Following your code I update the PUTFTP as follow:
PUTFTP “backup.tar”, $dtTR$td$fnbackup.tar{$dtPG $fnprogram.bas},{$dtCF $fnconfig.txt $ftT},{/usr/*},{$dtSC $fncomcfg.txt $ftT},“user:PWD@IP”

i got an error : Variable not found (16).

Could you confirm the code is correct?

thanks in advance,

Dear Derick,

I check the code adding to your string “[]”

However now i get an empty file.
PUTFTP “backup.tar”, “[$dtTR$td$fnbackup.tar{$dtPG $fnprogram.bas},{$dtCF $fnconfig.txt $ftT},{/usr/*},{$dtSC $fncomcfg.txt $ftT}]”,“user:PWD@IP”

It is possible you check it ?

Thanks in advance,

William Foster

You can check it with a test directly to the ewon. web request using


The example I provided was copied from the Files transfer page. Though I did try to correct it to include the file name so perhaps this is where I went wrong. Just replace the IP with your ewons IP.
This is the url the web page provides.{%24dtPG%20%24fnprogram.bas}%2C{%24dtCF%20%24fnconfig.txt%20%24ftT}%2C{%2Fusr%2F*}%2C{%24dtSC%20%24fncomcfg.txt%20%24ftT}

We have a helper tool here that also gives you a button to test directly with your ewon.
EBD Helper (ewonsupport.biz)

You could also test it in an email with an alarm test or a scheduled action setup in the planner.

It don’t have a file server set up right now to test your script. If you are still having issues let me know and ill see if I can set one up.