Updating Flexy via restore process from v8 fails

Security negotiation fails during recovery process trying to upgrade to v13, going to try v9

Wewere unable to upgrade this ewon Flexy. I have included screen snap shots of the error. I was able to update another flexy from version 11 to the current version.

We will need to return this unit so the factory can update the firmware. How should I go about this? Through standard return channels or through tech support?

Thank you for your help

Hi Mike,

I’m checking with the development team to see what they want to do in this case. I’m hoping that they’ve seen this error and know of a workaround. I will get back to you after they respond.


Hi Support Team,

can you help me follow up with MK below from Quantum Automation.

This is for AC(end customer) with a opportunity size of 100 Flexy’s. Please help confirm and advise.

Thank you,

Hi Arjun,

I did hear back from Belgium yesterday and they said there is nothing we can do for these devices. If they weren’t updated to at least version 10 (as they recommended they said), because of a bug with firmware which burned up memory preventing the device from being able to be updated. I think in this case they might approve an RMA because the device is only 4.5 years old, and they did extend the warranty in some cases.

Is this the only one he has?


Hi Support/Kyle,

Team, it seems like we may be able to support an RMA to get this unit swapped for Atlas Copco(attached email). We have good momentum, and I don’t want to loose it with them as they are looking to complete qualification.

Can we tell Quantum Automation- Mike Kavanagh that we can accept an RMA, and have them return it to use for them to get a new unit?

Please help confirm and help close this case. Thank you,

Yes, this is fine. This is the unit that was only 4.5 years old - I will make sure they know it’s ok to RMA.

Hi @Michael_Kavanagh,

I wanted to make sure you knew we got the OK to RMA this device, serial 1445-0184-21.

Ticket # 18896



Thanks Kyle,

Please CC me on the email instructions to Mike K at Quantum so I can help follow up.



@Michael_Kavanagh @Arjun_hms

Please find RMA instructions below: