Updating tags and pages with filezilla


do I manually have to add pages that my tags are in when i move over the var lists with filezilla, I found tags did not copy over to a device because the page did not exists. I am unable to backup the ewon because it is in location… is there a file i can copy over that will update the pages?


Hey Lucas,

What do you mean when you say add pages? It should be able to just grab the tags from the var_lst and import them when you put the file on the other device


this is the pages I am talking about. they do not generate when i replace to two variable files with filezilla


I used this process to download variables to another device with no problems. Now its not replacing the files on the ewon with filezilla


Oh ok I see now,

It looks like these are part of the system cfg which seems to be saved as the file config.txt file. When you push this file onto other devices it seems to push the pages. It looks like if you download the config.txt file and then just grab the this section of the code and save it as a file called config.txt locally, you should be able to push this file onto the new device so that it only gets the new pages. It looks like you can also combine this with the var_lst if you’d like too.



let me make a correction to that real quick, it looks like you need to have the following

  • you need to have have :system before you can make system changes in the config.txt settings like below. You’ll also need to have :TagList before you write anything like the Var_lst method



Thanks Tim,

I ended up having a ton of difficulties trying to upload tags, the .txt file would write but the .csv kept coming up with an error something about binary appending … busy…
after hours of trying different things it turned out I had old firmware on this.

sender (13.2s1)
Maybe it cannot backtrack



Thanks for the update Lucas, I’ll make sure to let others know when I’m working with them


Now, if I change these settings and upload my config.txt file, will it move my tags automatically into there assigned pages? I am nervous to try this on my live system without someone onsite just in case…

Editing the system config file like this is really getting into more of the eWON “guts” I am actually having a blast learning everything I have from you @Tim_hms and the rest of the team, This system I am working on has become a monster and I could not have done it without you guys.


Hi Lucas,

I think I just figured out what we actually need to change to get this working on my device. There were a couple of things I didn’t think of before.

It seems like it lets you move new tags without any issue as long as you line up the Page ID so that it matches with the Page ID in the config.txt file.

It seems like if you set it up like this it seems to put the new tag into the new page.

config.txt (855 Bytes)

I just tested if this works on existing tags too and that seems to work without any issues.

Glad to hear you’re having fun with this though! I’ve always like doing coding projects like this


Update on this,
I ended up opening the file through filezilla while it was still on the ewon, I copied the page1-11 part pasted it into the config.txt overwriting the old pages, after saving and closing filezilla asks if you want to upload the updated .txt file, yes and BAM! everything loads up just perfect.