Updating the LAN IP in eCatcher does not update the eWON

I have an eWON deployed and I am trying to set the LAN IP in eCatcher. It seems to work however after a while the value is reverted and doesn’t seem to work.

Why won’t the value stick?

eCatcher does not actually propagate to the eWON. When an eWON establishes a connection to Talk2M, this value is updated to represent what the eWON currently has defined as its LAN IP.

So in turn, when you go to update the address here, you are only updating the logical entry in Talk2M not the psychical hardware. This value will be reverted when the eWON makes another connection to Talk2M.

It is completely possible however to update the LAN IP of your eWON remotely. Please see the below forum post.