Uploading Config from ABX-PDPM-DEVS (Article#AB7802-C FW: 3.16.3) Gateway

Hi there is it possible to perform an upload on the AB7802 Profibus Master/DeviceNet Adapter gateways.


You can upload the X-gateway configuration using ACM x-gateway. You are not able to upload the profinet Master configuration using Nettool.

Hi Deryck,

Thanks for the response. Is this still possible with older versions? The unit in question is an AB7607-B.


Hi Darryn,

I do not think it is exactly an older vs newer version here. We don’t see the ab7607-B often but it should support the same or similar features as the ab7802 but with the addition of CIP routing support. It doe not use ACM and used BWconfig to configure some settings. More details on the device can be found on its support site here: Anybus Files and Documentation