URGENT Setup issue!

We ordered and received an Anybus DeviceNet->Profinet (AB7647). A new employee with a new computer (Windows 10) downloaded the software from the internet and try to install it. When it was time to do a reboot, the computer would not reboot. It went to a “Trying to Auto Repair” on startup and then fail. Our IT dept. had to wipe out the entire computer and reset it up as new.

We are ready to try again, but before we have to wipe out another PC, I wanted to check to see if this has been an issue with this software. Do you have any insight of why this may have happened or precautions we should be taking?

We are on hold on this project until we get this resolved, so please expedite looking into this.

Thank you for your help.
Gene Jeppesen

What did he download? I am fairly certain it was something else if it caused this problem. I have never seen anything like that. Please only download the software from this page:


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