Urgent Support Request - Settings for Remote Controller Temp Sensor on DK-RC-MBS-1

HMS Support,

We have an installer, Telkonet, in the middle of putting in our DK-RC-MBS-1 units for an integration of Daikin VRV units to a Telkonet stat. They think they are having issues with reference temperatures in the hotel rooms. After looking
into documentation, they have found a discrepancy and need our guidance immediately.

For setting our units up and configuring the Daikin indoor units correctly, they have used our manual (


On page 11, we indicate that the Daikin indoor units must be set up in this way…

Note that we have indicated that the Config mode is 10, and the two codes to use are 2 and 1. This is so the Daikin unit will use a temperature reference from the remote controller, or in this case, the Telkonet stat and not the return
air sensor on the Daikin indoor unit.


Here is the problem. The Daikin installer has supplied this info from his manual and it indicates the Config mode should be 10 and the two codes to use are 2 and 3.

This is a discrepancy and they want to know if we can confirm our manual data. Please reply back and advise.



Hello Eric

I will verify the configuration and update when I recieve the confirmation.

Have they tried both configurations?

I don’t know which one they tried first, probably the one in our manual

Eric W Dunn

HMS Networks

Building Automation Sales Lead NA



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Unfortunately, we don’t have this unit in our office to test.

I reached out to the team in Spain for verification.