"USB-to-CAN compact" driver for Linux / SocketCAN

Is it possible use the good old “USB-to-CAN compact” (rev. 1.6) in Ubuntu 22.04 / SocketCAN?
It works well in Windows 10.
I would like to do some testing and if it works well, we will probably order some newer version of this device.

Hello Tom,

I am not seeing support for the usb-to-CAN compact mentioned for socket can. I beleive there is support using the USB-to-CAN V2.

I understand. I also do not see support for the latest kernel 5.xx (Ubuntu 22.04). I was wondering if somebody is using it.

I am not sure I have not used it myself. If you can open a case on support.hms-networks.com we can reach out to the developers for their input.