USB to CAN compact issues with Windows 10



I used an USB to CAN compact V1.4 with Win7 / VCI3 without any issues until I switched to Windows 10. I learned that I cannot use VCI 3 anymore (or I have to disable Secure Boot which is not really OK with IT dep) so I must install VCI4.

I used “vci-4_0_638_0_attest” and the install works fine, I see the device properly installed under Device Manager, but it does not work.

When I use canAlyzer3 I get the message "IVciDevice.OpenComponent failed).

When I use LabVIEW examples (DeviceInfoDemo) the device is visible but I get error “A device attached to the system is not functioning”.

Can you please help me solve this?

Thank you


Hello @pegas,

Due to the technical difficulty of issues like this and your location I would recommend you log a support issue though our online support tool to allow us to work more closely with the developer on this issue. You should be able to create an account and log a case here.

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I registered there and I will see what comes out of it.

In the meanwhile I found 2 other interfaces, one V1.6 (not working) and a V2 interface which works.


OK. to answer here as well.

USB to CAN compact V1.4 and V1.6 (at least, these are what I have) are not compatible with Win 10, although the driver page, in the “supported equipment” list shows clearly “USB to CAN compact” AND “USB to CAN compact V2”…

Maybe a little bit of cleanup or review doesnt’t hurt :wink:


I have two customers with this same issues. What drivers were the resolve? I have Windows 7 and the IXXAT interface does not show up in Windows 10 to set default hardware. Any assistance in what was done in the above case would be great!


Hello @schwag02,
This ended up being a hardware incompatibility issue in windows 10 I will try to explain it but I am waiting on further explanation from my colleagues in Germany.

As Pegas was eluding to the VCI 4 drivers support the USB-to-CAN V1 drivers but only in Windows XP(sp2), 7 and 8. The Attestation signed Windows 10 drivers however do not have support for the V1 version. It does have support for the USB-to-CAN V2.



Yes. I am curious the explanation as I know we have at least one Windows 10 using the USB to CAN II. In order to set the default hardware for our program, I need the IXXAT interface program in the control panel and this will only show with the V2 drivers that are not shown for Windows 10.


Hi. To put it simply, if you have Win 10 you must use VCI4 and V2 hardware.

Any other combination does not work.

Windows 7: VCI3 and V1 / V2 hardware.

These combinations were tested by me.


@pegas @schwag02,

It looks like this could be tied to older FW in the USB-to-CAN devices. If you update the modules to 1.6 this should resolve the issue.

You can download the files by visiting the following link:

The file share will expire on 2018-09-03 15:53

Let me know if this resolves the issue for you.


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I will try, but I doubt it because:

  1. when i put the HW V1.4, the firmware uploader did not detect a compatible device (or something like this)
  2. I also have a HW V1.6 device and it also does not work.


Hello deryck_hms
I am having the same problem with a USB-to-CAN compact now working with windows 10. I have installed VCI4 but think I need to upgrade the firmware (it is V1.5). Please can you re-open the fileshare link.

Thank you


Hello @dave.sandells,

Does the device show up in CanAnalyser or in device manager? Can you send me screen shots showing both?

Also what is the serial number for your USB-to-CAN device?



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