USB-to-CAN compact V1.5



Do you know if my USB-to-CAN compact V1.5 is compatible with Win10 ?

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Hi @patopat,

The USB-to-CAN compact V1.5 is not officially supported by windows 10. You should be able to update to 1.6 to be compatible with windows 10 with the VCI V4.0.793.0+ drivers.

Here are some instructions and the boot manager needed.
Update the USB-to-CAN compact V1.5 up to V1.6 with the below attached bootmanager under Windows XP .
(The firmware warning during the update of the bootmanager can be ignored because the USB-to-CAN compact does not hava any firmware in flash)
ReadMe_Bootmanager_Update91.pdf (74.9 KB)
bootman_usbcompact59.H86 (41.7 KB)



Hi @deryck_hms,

Do you know if the update on WinXP could be done via a Virtual Machine ?
I don’t have a WinXP workstation.

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Hi Pat,

Deryck is out until tomorrow. You should be find using a Virtual Machine, but let us know if you have any problems.

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Hi @kyle_HMS,

I installed a VM (WinXP Pro 32bit) on host Win10 Pro x64. I also installed the IXXAT driver vci_3_5_4_4543.exe on guest.

I have an issue when I run the MiniMon V3, the Green LED goes off and I get an error 0x8007001F in the MiniMon V3.

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Which green LED?


Sorry, the green LED from the hardware device.