Usb-to-can for cam am or seadoo interface adapters


do you still have usb-to-can for cam am or seadoo interface adapters?

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Hi @tsdantas01

Let me check with sales



Our generic USB to CAN adapters won’t work. You will need to purchase the custom adapters from BRP to work with these machines.


Thanks Rob


thanks for your prompt reply,

A friend of mine has a scanner that him brought from you and it is working, below the pic.



Hi @tsdantas01

Were you asking if we still have USB-to-CAN compacts available?


sorry the delay,
Yep, But we need exctly as attached pics, usb-to-can(db9), have you in stock?



Can you check if we have these in stock?


This is an old V1 USB to CAN. We now only have the V2 available. PArt# 1.01.0281.11001 and these are stocked in the US. I’m fairly certain these will not work with the BRP systems by themselves.



ok, but how much the price for this one ?


Hi @tsdantas01

It may be faster for you if you call into our sales queue for these questions at 312-893-5636


I am from Brazil. But I visit usa frequently and I have freight from there to here, could get me the whatsapp or skype of sales team ?


It looks like we don’t have a whatsapp or skype account, but you can reaach sales at:


thank you very much


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Let us know if you have any other questions