USB to CAN V@ DB9 VCI Question


Hi Sasan,

Can you check and see if the device is showing up correctly in our CAN-Analyzer Mini software?


Sorry for delay, this email went to me junk box,

Ye s, it shows up in mini software,






Hi Sasan,

Sorry for the delay, it’s been pretty busy today. Can you send me a screenshot of the error that shows up when you try and connect to the device? Also just to verify, we’re on the VCI driver 4.0.856 and that there are no other VCI drivers installed on the PC? Or do you know if there’s another PC there that’s still on windows 7 that this device is working with?


So usb led solid green , can led , blinking green,


What does unknown means here ?




Hi Sasan,

Sorry for the delay, here’s what I heard back from my colleagues in Sweden to try and fix this issue:

"did he try the version 2.0.40?
This should run without problems with the VCI V4.
It can be downloaded here:

I uploaded here a PDF with my test, the NCDrive sends data, but I have no node on the other site so I can not test more."


  • Support for new option boards (OPTE2/8, OPTBM, OPTBN)

Extract from NCDrive version info_EN.txt:

  • Support for CAN@NET NT 420
  • Fixed issues with IXXAT VCI 4.x drivers

ncdrive_2_0_40_VCI_V4_USBV2_Win10_VMWare (2).pdf (60.3 KB)