USB-to-CAN V2 (1.01.0288.11003) V1.2 verses V1.3


I am using the compact USB-to-CAN V2 converter (1.01.0288.11003 V1.2) and this board seems to work well. I say work well as we can communicate with the board and the USB LED is green. However, our supplier just received in V1.3 boards and we cannot communicate with the PCBA and the light is RED. I am looking for some help and assistance with figuring out why this new USB to CAN module is not working correctly. USB-to-CANimage

Are you connecting this to a Windows PC or Linux machine? Which OS? Which version of our driver do you have installed?

Hi Kyle,

I found that upgrading to version 4 of the driver fixed my issue. Thank you.

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Great - thanks for the update!