USB to Can V2 compact sevcon dvt error

I have installed the last version of vci (4.0.939.0).

Im trying to connect to sevcon’s DVT software (already licensed) to interact with my sevcon controller but Im getting the error message “COM1 could not be opened”.

I know this is not related to hms/ixxat directly, but I wanted to ask for help to assign a COM port to the ixxat device (if that makes sense).


You can’t assign it a COM port, it doesn’t show up under COM port devices. It uses the VCI driver, so the software has to use the VCI driver. You should see the USB-to-CAN show up in the Windows Device Manager.

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That makes sense, I was really confused as to why I needed that COM (don’t know exactly how I got to that conclusion). Thanks for clarifying @kyle_HMS!.

Anyway, if someone come across this issue in the future, I’d recommend to ask for the last version of the DVT software, that one works nice with the last vci drivers. (For old ones you would have to test various vci versions…).

Thanks again for your time and quick response time.

You’re welcome!