USB to CAN V2 compact speed issues

Hello, first time on these forums. Did some searching on Google and here but didn’t see anything that pertained to my problem.

I have multiple Windows 10 20H2 stations set up with LabView running a test application. The test goes through fine but we’ve noticed that when we first developed the test, it would take a matter of seconds to finish. Now the same test takes around 3 minutes, and to my knowledge nothing has changed with the test program. It doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that this is for production where we must test hundreds of products a day.

I’ve tried upgrading the CAN drivers, uninstalling some Windows updates and changing some equipment (USB hubs and cables) but I cannot figure out why the test suddenly takes longer to complete. The CAN device shows that its on and the activity LED blinks green while testing is performed. Using an oscilloscope we can see that data is being transferred through. I don’t know much about the CAN device (I’m just the IT guy here) so maybe it isn’t that, but is there some other solutions I can try to see if the CAN is the issue?

Do you have multiple USB to CAN V2 Compact devices or are you using the same one between the different Windows stations?

What event seemed to cause this issue to start? Update to Windows? It does sound like a possible software/driver issue. Do you have any errors in the software or driver logs?

Have you checked the firmware on the USB to CAN V2 hardware? (See:

We use multiple CAN devices. They are all the V2 compact devices that are deployed across 4 stations. They are all exhibiting the same behavior.

From what I can tell, there’s two reasons this could have started: A Windows update, or a change to the test program. The only error I’ve been able to see is in LabView, where it just says the test failed to load, but the test is actually successful (we verify after). I’ve uninstalled previous Windows updates as far back as November but this still hasn’t made a difference.

My knowledge on the CAN device is severely lacking so I didn’t even realize I could update firmware. Who can I contact to get the latest firmware update? I’ve updated drivers before but by the sounds of the PDF you linked I also need to update the firmware after.

Yes, the firmware is for the hardware and different from the VCI driver. Here is the Product Page where you can download the firmware update (In the Other Files section):

Can you also confirm that you are running the latest VCI V4 driver on the PCs (4.0.939.0)?

Thank you for the link.

Checking the VCI4 USB-to-CAN V2 compact device in Windows shows version I believe this is the initial version that came with the CAN on the install disk. I do have the latest driver update though, should I upgrade the drivers first before flashing firmware?

Yes, please update VCI V4 first. I recommend making sure that both are up to date. The VCI4floadGUI.exe program inC:\Program Files\HMS\Ixxat VCI 4.0 will let you know if you need the firmware update for the USB to CAN V2 or not (make sure you are on 1.07). Follow the instructions in the PDF on the Product Page.

Okay, updated FW on the CAN and drivers, still exhibiting the same behavior. I think it’s safe to say that the CAN isn’t the issue but rather the program we test with.

Thank you for the help.

I agree that it appears to be a problem with the program itself. Please let us know if you have any other questions.