USB to CAN V2: Disable reception of all CAN messages

I want Ixaat, just to transmit CAN messages but not interested in receiving any. Is this possible?

The background for such a question:-

We are using Ixaat USB to CAN V2, where we keep on sending the CAN messages(With the same ID) to the bus.
We did not include any code for reception of CAN messages.
It was observed that after sending CAN messages for a long time the Ixaat device stops sending and then do not respond to commands to send messages.
It seems that the reciever end FIFO was full and may be this is the reason. (Not sure about this)

Can you please help.

Hello @ixaattester ,

As a first step I recommend making sure you have the latest firmware running. You can check the firmware version from device manager.

The latest version (1.07.00) is available on the ixxat support page. Let us know whether or not this resolves the issue.


Hello Deryck,

Thanks for the reply.

It is 1.06.03.

I will update to the the latest and let you know.

Thank you!

Updating firmware to 1.07.00 resolves the issue.

Great! Thanks for following up and letting us know!


Sorry for asking again, just for clarification. Is it possible with the VCI to disable FIFO at the reception end so that no CAN messages are received from the bus.(including error and info CAN messages)

Hi @ixaattester,

I am not sure I understand your question. Do you want to not have to handle the received messages?


Hi Deryck,

Yes. I don’t want to create a thread to handle it.

I am not sure if this is possible, I have reached out to my colleagues regarding this and will follow up once I hear back.



You should be able to write your program without handling the CAN messages.

The receive thread is not implicitly necessary.
The application can transmit CAN messages without reading of the CAN (and Info) messages.


You can also post to this will let you reach your local support team.

Hi Deryck,

At the moment, I think this info is enough.