USB to CAN v2 driver install failed on windows 7


The installation of the driver of my USB to CAN v2 interface has failed on my windows 7 PC.
I was working and I installed the Ixxat VCI 4.0.925.0 driver and it does not work anymore.
In the peripheral manager I see my interface in the IXXAT VCI V4 interfaces group but noticed as unknown peripheral. When I try to update the driver windows is telling that the best driver is already installed.

Any idea of how to proceed ?

You may need to update the firmware on the USB-to-CAN if you are not on 1.07, see:

Under “Other Files” section.

Thank you for your reply. It may be the answer. Actually I found and installed the previous driver VCI 4.0.482.0 and it works now.

I have the same problem, my usb to can compact bought in 2014, start to show the missing drivers or device failure message on windows 7, unrecognized device on windows 10
Works fine after reinstall the drivers, but start to fail after i restart the laptop ,i use to connect to jet ski ecm for repairs, but , works fine after a new installation, then stop, the serial is 10000996, i need delete all thge usb controller to reinstall and use it, but after turn of the pc or laptop, fail i spend the las 6 hours trying, but now i cant use it, coul be internal damage or drivers conflict, windows 7 64 bit