USB to Can V2 Windows 10 driver issues

I have been really struggling to get my computer to recognize my USB to Can V2 hardware in either minimon V3 or Canalyser 3Mini.

I suspect my issues are mainly in the drivers. Since I am running Windows 10, I have been trying to use VCI 4. (My understanding is that VCI 2 and 3 do not work on Windows 10). However, I always end up with this in the Windows Device manager:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)
An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function.

So far no matter how much uninstalling and re-installing of different versions, I still have not been able to get it working correctly. Is there some other driver that I’m missing, or some workaround that I’m not aware of? I don’t have any Windows 7/8 machines, so that is not an option for me to just switch systems.

Thanks for the help!

Have you tried updating the firmware of the hardware itself? You can find the instructions and files under section 6, here.

I have now been able to get the device recognized on another Windows 10 machine without updating the firmware, using VCI 4…

However, it still will not recognize on the machine that I was planning on using it on. At this point, it seems that for some reason this machine just doesn’t like that particular driver or something, but I’m not sure why that would be or even what the next step in troubleshooting would be

Please try updating the hardware. If that doesn’t work we can try something else.

Were you able to update the hardware?

Hey Kyle,

I haven’t updated the hardware, as the CAN to USB V2 I have was sent to me as part of a vehicle diagnostics kit that has some pretty fussy software, and I don’t want to update something only to have it not recognize on that end, and not be able to rollback. I managed to get everything working using VCI 3.5 on someone else’s windows 10 machine, which is not ideal, but will have to do for now.

If you would like to, you can close this topic.

Thanks for the help!

Updating the hardware shouldn’t interfere with the software, but I certainly understand not wanted to take the risk. I’ll go ahead and close the topic.

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