USB-to-CANv2 adapter issue

I’m having problems connecting to my CAN network using my new IXXAT USB-to-CANv2— any ideas?

We can’t give you any ideas without some details about what’s happening. Have you connected before? Can you describe the CAN network? The LED status’? Tested voltage, resistance, etc.?
Please provide serial and order code of device or picture.

Hi Kyle—

  • I have never established connection.
  • CAN bus protocol is ISO 15765.
  • LED CAN bus status is OFF.
    -130ohms; 764 mVdc, across the bus.

Sorry for not providing this info ahead of time. Thanks

Please keep in mind that a CAN bus should be terminated at both ends with termination resistors, so if you add a device to the end of the bus/line (EOL), you have to remove termination from the device that was previously at the EOL, and add termination to the new EOL device.

Have you ensured that the termination is correct?