User Rights required to change tag value with 'UpdateTagForm'

With the latest 14.4 Flexy firmware, what User Right(s) are required to use the ‘UpdateTagForm’ to change a tag value via the Talk2M API?

Is it ‘Force Outputs’ or ‘Change Configuration’ or both?

Thank you.


To change tag values, you must use ‘Force Outputs’. The ‘Change Configuration’ allows for modification of how the device functions.

Hi Kevin,

I was using Force Outputs fine on 14.3 firmware but I just updated to 14.0 and now it only works with Change Configurarion. Is it a firmware bug?

Meant to say updated to 14.4s0, not 14.0


I will check with my team regarding the Change Configuration issue. If it is a bug, I will ensure it is addressed to our development team for resolution.

Hi Kevin,

Just curious if any update on this, thanks.

Please advise, even if it’s just with an expected duration for the final answer. Thank you.

My apologies on this. I am waiting to hear back from my developers on replicating the bug and a time frame for a fix. I will update this case early next week.

any updates? thanks

This still doesn’t work properly in firmware 14.4s1

can we please get an update? thank you.

Just curious if anyone from HMS is planning to respond? Thank you…

Hello Yes.

My apologies. I messaged a developer on the issue, and they are working towards a resolution. I do not have a deffinitive date on a release for the fix

Ok but they have confirmed the same behavior I noticed?

Yes they did.

Perfect, thanks!