Using a password which contains @ for PUTFTP command


I have a password which contains the @ character for our FTP server. In case the following commands are used in basic scripting in the Ewon Flexy:

a$ = “/loggers/test.csv”
b$ = “[$dtUF$uf/usr/loggers/test.csv]”
c$ = “”
PUTFTP a$, b$, c$

I have an error reponse of

“24908 dns-No response from server (”

If I changed the @ character for %40 I will get an error response of

“24017 ftpc-FTP Srv error (530 Login incorrect.)”

Is there a way to insert the @ character in my password?

Thank you.

Best regards.


The FTP server is most likely reading that @ symbol as beginning of the FTP domain. There fore it registers the password as “P” and “” as the domain.

As it is a standard string already, there isn’t much the FLexy can do to distinguish the “@” symbol as part of the password. You may need to modify the password to remove the @ symbol for the scripting to work.

Thank you.