Using simply CAN python with raspberry

Hello, I’m trying to use USB to CAN with raspberry.
USB module is right connected to the raspberry and identify to ttyACM0 ( ls /dev/tty* ) , I have 2 python versions : 3.9.2 and 3.8.10 . I modified the file according to ttyACM0.
The files needed are in /home/pi/ folder, and the files ares : & simply_py.pyd .
While I start the, result is bad (I try with these 4 commands) :





Result is : ModuleNotFoundError : No module named ‘simply_py’

Why that error message ?
Thank you.

Nota : I succeed in starting USB to CAN with python with a windows OS.

Have you reviewed the documentation in …/simplyCAN_WIN_1_1_0/doc/html/readmePI.html#python-demo ? It mentions using python 3.7. Do you have this version installed?

Yes I also have python 3.7.16, and the result is the same.

Are you sure you are using the package for a Pi? These differ from the windows version. Linux does not use .pyd dll’s like windows.

Maybe Not, I have to check that.

Yes It works ! Thanks.

Great! glad to hear you have it running!