Using Status tag to trigger no communication with BACnet device


I am trying to setup an alarm that will send an email when a BACnet device cannot be reached by an EWON Flexi 205. The system will have four BACnet devices connected. I use the following parameters for the BACNER IO server setting.
Device ID: 100
Device Port: 47808
Topic A: enabled
Destination Device Type and Address: (BLANK)
Poll Rate: 2000ms
Write Priority: 0
I thought I could use a tag that reads the status of the connection but the alarm is not triggered. The following are the parameters I use for the tag:
Server Name: BACnet
Topic name: A
Address: Status (Device ID:101)
However, I have not been able to trigger the alarm. Is there anything else I am missing?


What is the alarm parameters that you are using for the Status tag?

Can you supply a backup with support files of the unit?


Hi @Kevin_hms

Sorry I did not respond sooner.

The parameters I use for the alarm are:
Alarm enabled
Alarm level low 0
Alarm level high 2
Value deadband 0
Activaction delay 0
Auto acknowledge on RTN