Using the analog input

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I noticed the analog input says a ratting of 10v, this seems kind of silly that I will need to drop my instrument voltage, most of these devices run off a 24v supply. What are my options if my source voltage is 24v?


Typically an analog signal is going to be 0 to 10 v which is often different the the supply voltage. Are you saying your device uses a 0-24v Analog signal this is rare to see, i have been having a hard time finding a device that does this. Is it a 24v digital input/output? If this is the case you could use a intermittent relay to control the signal the something the Ewon can handle.


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Thanks @deryck_hms,

My client was confusing me trying to explain this, I originally said basically what you told me but then started to second guess myself. You are right 100% the issue was the Analog Tester I have makes it seem like it is putting 24V out when in actual fact it is 0-10 or 4-20mA. I have wired up the testing tool and everything is running perfect.

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Glad to hear it is working! Have a great weekend.


Hi Deryck,

I have a similar issue. I’m trying to use a two-wire 4-20mA sensor on an EC360 but the supply for the sensor is 24V. Even though I’m using current loop, will the 24V cause a problem?
When I tested it on a bench, the current would limit at 15mA. I thought maybe it was the internal resistor that was causing this.


Hi Moboil,

I cant find any thing specific for the voltage limit but the sensor range is designed for 4-20mA and 0-10v. I would not recommend going above this.