Using Viewon Trend to display file from SD in flexy 205

Hi Kind People!

I would like to display data stored on the SD card in the Viewon trend graph, is this possible?

Alternatively: I can create my own reports like the custom html reports (as described here:HOW TO: Create advanced custom HTML reports).
But unfortunately I have a lot of data points. Iterating through them seems to take a lot of time/effort for the Flexy. Also: I noticed you can use export blocks to define a start and end time but I could not find out how I could do this for log files copied to the SD. It seems I cannot simply use something like:

In the end I know everything gets uploaded to Datamailbox and I could use talk2m but we have some customers that have a difficult time with internet so I’m experimenting with doing some reporting locally on the flexy.

Thank you!