Variable Text in ViewOn combo drop down list

Is it possible to use EWON tags in place of the “text” for a combo box range text?
My list of options changes throughout the day and I need the combo box TEXT list to update accordingly with the PLC string tags.

Here is what I have so far… BUT the tags in the drop down only update if the tags are referenced elsewhere on the screen.

Hi Bryan,

this looks very close to what I was thinking the only thing it looks like you are stuck on seems to be the same thing i was working on. I think you are using the getewontagval incorrectly. You should be referencing the tag name in the ewon.

Here is a screenshot of the “viewon_BoardNameArray[3]” tag value that is not updating in the dropdown.

I see i didn’t think that was a tag. Im trying to test this myself.

@Tim_hms have you seen an issue like this where it will not get a tag value unless it is referenced elsewhere in the viewon page?

Just a quick workaround but you could add a text element of each to make sure it is referenced then set the element to hidden.
It would be something like:
document.getElementById("ID").style.visibility = "hidden";

I replaced the array[3] tag with another integer tag and it auto updates without the tag on the screen.

hmm this could be a bug stings were recently added to viewon. Could you export the project and share it with me so i can send it to the development team for further review?

I uploaded “” into the portal. Please let me know if you do not see the file. Thanks for the help!

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the example, I was able to recreate the issue as well as the team in Belgium. This looks like a bug with the sting tags. As a workaround for now you can add a text element then hide it.

This can be done right in the viewon properties for the object: image