VCI 4 Installation Error


I’m trying to install VCI 4 on Win 10 (with Secure boot) and encounter the following error

c:\Program Files\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\Device Server\ vci410Cwx.dll

An error occurred while trying to read the source file:
The source file is corrupted

I previously had installed vci_4_0_709_attest.exe but could not get my USB-to-CAN V2 compact to work, so was trying the latest installer vci-4_0_793_0.exe.

I unstalled the IXXAT driver from device manager and restarted my PC but have the same issue.

Is this the correct installer version (no ‘attest’ version is available)

Also, I have seen comments in the forum about updating firmware on the USB-to-CAN device.
Should I do this also?
The device I am using is a USB-to-CAN V2 Compact, V1.1



Hi Matthew,

The most recent version is 4.0.793. Are you using Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10?

All the most recent software for the device should be able to be found here:


Hi Tim,

I am using Windows 10 with SecureBoot enabled
I have downloaded vci-4_0_793_0.exe and get the error described when trying to install.

The previous version (709) had a separate installer for Win10 with SecureBoot. Is this no longer the case?


There’s no longer a separate driver and it should work with both secure boot and without. But we’re going to try and install it on a PC we have to see if we run into the same issue


HI Tim,

Have you been able to reproduce this issue?


Hi Matthew,

Can you try these: (3.6 MB)