VCI V2 with windows 10 USB-2-can


I am just trying to get the IXXAT Interface in the control panel and the V2 driver would be the only way to make this work but does not seem to load with Windows 10.

USB to CAN compact issues with Windows 10

Ok. I downloaded it and will see what will be needed from there.


Are you reffering to the VCI V2 drivers ? These require VCI V3 installed first. However the VCI V2 drivers are not compatible with Windows 10.


Yes. I am exactly referring to the V2 drivers and need the IXXAT interface to set the hardware as default hardware for the program and connection to occur. Were you able to establish this?


Hello @schwag02,

This sounds like a different issue then Pegas was seeing.

To use the VCI V2 drivers you will first need to install VCI V3 then install the V2 add on driver. VCI V3 is not supported by windows 10 but you might be able to install it with secure boot disabled.

Over all if you need to use the VCI v2 drivers I would recommend using an earlier versions of windows (8 or 7).



Is this a normal error or is this for a different hardware? My issue has been for USB to CAN II. Maybe I posted under wrong thread. Please let me know. Thanks


Hello @schwag02,

It does seem like there was some confusion with your issues. Possible a mix up with VCI v2 Drivers and the USB-to-CAN II (V2) hardware. I have moved this topic into a separate thread to help and prevent confusion.

Yes, should not update the Firmware on the USB-2-CAN V2 pro. The driver update was a suggestion for an issue using the older USB-to-CAN (V1) devices in windows 10.

As mentioned previously, your issue is that you are trying to use the VCI V2 drivers in windows 10. This is not possible. VCI V2 drivers are not supported in windows 10. Also to use V2 drivers you need to Run VCI V3 drivers which are not supported in Windows10.

To use a PC with a supported OS. This includes Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2000 / Vista.

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I have a tech you responded this below:

Yes, mine has windows 10. I have been using it now with diasys for about a year and a half. I was using the V2 and V3 drivers. I have uninstalled V3 and installed the V4 driver. The V2 driver was left in place. The DiaSys works fine with my laptop.

I just need a V2 or a way to set this hardware. Have you seen this before? I apologize as I am just reaching for any help to assist a customer.


If you have secure boot disabled and have driver signature disabled. You should be able to install VCI V3 drivers and then the VCI V2 drivers installed. As previously stated this is not a supported Driver OS combination.



Is there any place in the options of the CANalyzer is set it as the default driver? I think that is the only piece that I am missing without having the IXXAT interface module. The CANalyzer seems to stream data but my program will not default to using the device.


There is no option to set what driver to use. If you are using CANanalyzer3 the VCI v4 drivers are recommended. You should only need these installed.

Does the USB-to-CAN show up in CANanalyser?


Yes. It shows up and seems like values are streaming but there is no place to set as default hardware like the IXXAT Interfaces would allow.


Are you referring to 3rd party software here?


This is in the control panel that I am referring to. The earlier picture in the tread will not show up on Windows 10.



I am having a hard time following what the issue you are having at this point. Let me try to recap to make sure we are on the same page.

In CANAnalyzer3 you are you seeing the USB to can interface show up. You should then be able to select what USB-to-CAN interface to use in the software.

You are trying to get the USB-to-CAN to work in Diasys?
If this is the case you will need to contact them for more information. My colleague says they should have an email address displayed on startup.

The USB-to-CAN V1 hardware should work with the VCI V 3.5.2 drivers.
For the USB-to-CAN V2 We have the following notes about DiaSys.
DiaSys V2.6 does not runs.
DiaSys V2.7 runs. => an MTU verweisen.


Yes. I am using DiaSys 2.7 which is MTU software. I need the IXXAT Interface option in the control panel to set default hardware. This is not contained in the OEM software but the Windows configuration. This will load on Windows 7 and 8. However, the IXXAT Interface option does not show in Windows 10 control panel.



I am looking into this issue and will update you tomorrow once I have some information from my colleagues.



Hello @schwag02,

The IXXAT interfaces applet is installed and used in the VCI V2.0 - V2.20 only. The VCI V2.30 for the VCI V4 use the “SelDefault” instead c:Program Files (x86)HMSVCI2onVCI4 2.30SelDefault.exe

The DiaSys V2.7 should successfully run with the USB-to-CAN V2. I recommend contacting MTU they will be able to support you in getting their software talking to the USB-to-CAN. We do not know how they configured their software to work with our drivers.