VCI V4 dotnet example not working with CanBlue II


I am trying to get the VCI 4.0 dotnet sample code working for the CanBlue II but the initializing can step fails with error: “Error: Initializing socket failed : the method or operation is not implemented.”

After stepping through the code this seems to be caused by line 310 in CanConNet.cs: “mCanSched = bal.OpenSocket(canNo, typeof(ICanScheduler)) as ICanScheduler;”

I’ve been able to get the CanBlue II to work with the VCI 4.0 SDK example and with the CanBlueCon.exe program.

I’m working in VS 2015.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Seth,

Due to the nature of this issue i have moved it over to our online support tool. You should receive emails regarding an account and ticket being create. With the support tool we will be able to more easily discuss the issue with our German support team who support the CANBlue and the VCI examples.