VCI4.0.793 open component failed


Hello deryck_hms
I am having the same problem with a USB-to-CAN compact not working with windows 10. I have installed VCI4.0.793.
USB-to-CAN compact:
Serialnumber: 313632323133

got the following Error:

Can you help me?


USB to CAN compact issues with Windows 10

Hi Simon,

Can you provide the full error message seen in that screen shot?

Do you also know what driver version the software you are using is designed for?



Hello deryck_hms,
the full Event log from canAnalyser3 Mini:

I don’t know exactly what are you meaning. I installed the latest driver from IXXAT: vci-4_0_793_0.exe
There is a list where the USB-to-CAN is listed.



Thank you for your patience with this issue. It looks like you will need to update the drivers on the USB to CAN device. Here are the instruction and firmware. You will need to be running VCI V4.0.793.0 or newer under Windows 10.

Please update the USB-to-CAN compact V1.5 up to V1.6 with the below attached bootmanager under Windows XP .
(The firmware warning during the update of the bootmanager can be ignored because the USB-to-CAN compact does not hava any firmware in flash)

bootman_usbcompact59.H86 (41.7 KB)
ReadMe_Bootmanager_Update91.pdf (74.9 KB)



it finally works!

Best regards