Vcinet for Linux?


We have a Windows application that uses the .NET VCI interface to communicate with the ISB-CAN converter. Since this application is written in C#, it can be compiled with Mono with few changes so that 99% of it will run under Linux.

However, the vcinet.dlls used by the .NET API are Windows DLLs. Do you have, or are there plans for, a .NET API for Linux?

It would obviously be very convenient for us to apply minor tweaks to this than to write an entire new interface to use a Linux driver that was not .NET.



Hi @mfeldman,
Sorry for the delay I was waiting to hear back from the product manager for more info.

At the moment our CAN interface boards are supported under Linux with the ECI and SocketCAN only.

If there is enough demand this does look like something we could implement. Do you know how many devices you would be using this application with?