VCiNet2.dll location?


I have an OLD application, written in CSharp, that has a manifest requesting VCinet2.dll, (version=“” publicKeyToken=“1FB9DC3563E138E2”).

I’ve tracked this down to the IXXAT CAN driver, (VCinet2) but I’m not sure WHICH version of their software to install. It appears to be one of the options from the following page:

Any help tracking this down would be appreciated.


Hello @PointOnePA,
I do not know off hand what driver that dll is tied to. I would recommend installing the VCIv4 drivers with the VCI v2 addon.
Both should be available at the bottom of the page on the following link.



Thank Deryck. I saw your post to the forum and I downloaded VCIv4 as you suggested and I found vcinet2.dll, but it’s not the version I’m looking for. The publicKeyToken is the same, but the size and version are different in the manifest that I have. I’ll have to see if this will work. the vci2onvci4_2_30_72_0.exe didn’t provded any additional DLL’s. So I’ll have to check to see if this will work with this old application.

Thanks for your help.



Are you Working on the same issue as @PointOnePA?

The VCI v2 standalone drivers have limited support. If they are still required installing VCI V3 or V4 with their corresponding V2 addon is our recommendation.

A colleague has pointed out that the VCI V4 driver will install the VCinet2.dll that you are looking for. It will be installed with VCI V4 in “<c:\Program Files\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\intern\dotnet_vci3>” directory. You should be able to copy this over to your EXE location.



Yep, that’s me. PointOnePA.

We’d like to update the driver, but the old application used the old driver and we having located the source yet, so are attempt to get the old software working and to use that as a design reference for the new software.

Thanks for the support.