Version 14.02 OPCUA error

Customer called in regarding a script set up and updated to the latest firmware.

Once complete, the Ignition lost contact with the OPCUA. Now Ignition is not reading the tag information from the device. Since the upgrade now includes certificates, there may be an issue with the certificate managment.

I supplied him with a link to our Ewon Connector.


I have a new founding and I like to talk to you tomorrow (Wednesday). I found the new firmware generated a certificate; the start date is Jan 15 which is a day ahead. I looked at the Ignition error, it mentioned about status Bad_CertificateTimeInvalid. Then, I looked at the Flexy’s clock, it time zone is set wrong. I am wondering the firmware upgrade changed the Flexy’s region and timezone or I didn’t set the region correctly? I believe the connection will start to work tomorrow at 7:54 am.

I am on the West coast, I will be in the office at 8 am PST. My cell number is 559-349-0088




I apologize for the delay. Did you test the certificate yet?


It’s still not connecting. It may not be the certificate related. I’ve tried to call you, but no one answering the call. I am panicking.

Please call me if you have something for me to try.



Have you tried setting up a fresh instance of this device within Ignition?

Also have you tried utlizing the ewon connector i showed before? It will require a Talk2m connection. This is our preferred method for use with Ignition.

ALso, can you provide a unit back with support files?

As far as certifications:

I would create a new certificate of the device, and update the server one as well.

I need help to do the Talk2m connection if this is the preferred method. And what support files you want me to send you?

BTW, the Glithub link you pasted to my browser yesterday, I accidentally closed it.


The device will need to have internet on site. If you are unable to locally, someone onsite will need to connect to the device to run the internet wizard and VPN Wizard.

This process can walk you through setting up the unit.