Viewon Auto Deleting


We have a customer with a strange issue, they were having slowdowns of their device and did a firmware update. After the update, the device started operating normally, but after approx. 2 weeks the device deleted the view on screen. The customer has connected to the device via FTP and confirmed the entire Viewon folder and files were deleted.

Their configuration has approx. 300 tags, mostly Modbus and memory tags, all the tag values were maintained.

The customer re-uploaded the viewon webpage to the device, and again approx. 2 weeks later the screen was deleted again. I believe this event has occurred another two or three times. The customer states that they have had this unit in operation for years and have not had the current issues.

Do you have any suggestions? If needed I have a backup of the device that has been having issues.

Thank you,

Michael Ross

Application Engineer


Can you post a backup with support files so that we may review this unit?

See Attached
MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (957.5 KB) events.txt (112.3 KB)


I looked at the back up. The biggest issue i can see is that you have code running on the cyclic section of the BASIC IDE. This can cause adverse affects to the memory of the unit. I would advise moving that code to the INIT Section.

It could be an issue with the Memory being erased on the unit, and thus deleting the Viewon Folder.