Viewon change page

I successfully made 2 simple ViewOn page to access a couple of tags in a Flexy 205. i want to know if i can change between the 2 pages automatically with script , for example the first page i wan t to be watched every 45 min after 45 min the second page it well be posted for 15 min.

my second question, if i have a flexy 205 and i want to have a backup for viewon, how i can do that.

Hello @HD-Hani ,

Viewon doen’t have this directly build in but you can add javascript into to page.
This is done from the actions section.

       window.location.href = 'second_page.html';
    }, 5000);

this script should load the second page after 5 seconds. I would recommend loading the page and copying a link from the running page to make sure you use a valid link.

Let me know if you have any questions.