Viewon export


I have the same problem, I can’t export files to the device. Do you have any idea of what that could be?

Export ViewOn project Error

Just to start off can you give me a backup of your device with the support files included?


I solution the problema.
But I want to know how much values can I show on the graph, what it’s the máximum of points of the historical?


Your viewon graph should be able to show all of the data available in the historical logs of the flexy.

As for how many points you can have in your historical logging, this will depend on how many tags you are polling and how frequently they are being polled.


Thank you!!
Another question, I try to send a file with Basic IDE.
In this file, I want to show things like the value of some tags, one header, some explanations … So I want to créate and edit this file and after send it for email.
It is posible?


I think that you should be able to do this through the BASIC IDE

Try taking a look at this code and let me know if you have any questions

sendtojoe.txt (991 Bytes)


But I want to make a file with always the same header, but changing the values or information in it.
I want to send an email with a file that I “building” with some requirements when a button of PLC is presed.

It is possible? Thank you!


Do you just want to change something like the body of the email? This can be done in viewon and you could have the Flexy read the value of that button press.

For the button you could do an Onchange and make it so when the button is pushed it will send out an email


No, I don`t want to change the body of the email, I don’t want to write anything on it. I only want to have a file with the same header in all of the sends and include some information when I pressed the button.

Yes, I alredy detected the button’s pulse with BASIC IDE.


This line of code from the doc above should be able to give you the time that the email was sent which should correspond with the time the button was pressed

$EmailBody$ = $EmailBody$ + "Time: " + TIME$ + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10) // Gives the full date when this was sent.

You could just have it so that it the remaing sections are left blank, like this

sendtoamc.txt (619 Bytes)


Thank you!! One more question…

ONALARM “envio”, “GOTO envio_LABEL”
If (envio@= 1) THEN

IsFile% = FS "touch", "/usr/fileToSend.txt"
// returns -1 if "fileToSend" exists
// returns 1 if "fileToSend" doesnt exist and creates it as a file

     IF (IsFile% = 1) THEN
        OPEN "file:/usr/fileToSend.txt" FOR TEXT APPEND AS 1
        PUT 1, " Se realiza un histórico de los distintos valores tomados por las variables cada vez que se presiona el botón de envío" +  CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
        PUT 1, " MIESA " + ";" + " 2019 " + ";" + " Flexy 205 : eWON " +  CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
        PUT 1, Time$ + ";" + " Variable suma " + ";" + STR$ suma@ + ";" + " Variable resta " + ";" + STR$ resta@ + ";" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
        REM PUT 1, Time$ + ";" + "Variable resta" + ";" + STR$ resta@ + ";" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
        CLOSE 1

          OPEN "file:/usr/fileToSend.txt" FOR TEXT APPEND AS 1
          PUT 1, Time$ + ";" + " Variable suma " + ";" + STR$ suma@ + ";" + " Variable resta " + ";" + STR$ resta@ + ";" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
          REM PUT 1, Time$ + ";" + "Variable resta" + ";" + STR$ resta@ + ";" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)
          CLOSE 1

   PRINT "Archivo creado"
   SENDMAIL "", "", "Archivo","&[$dtUF$uf/usr/fileToSend.txt$fnArchivo.txt]"

Rem — eWON user (end)
Rem — eWON end section: Init Section

I have this program to send an email when an alarm(envio) is happend.

But I have an error:
variable not found(16) 15: IsFile% = FS “touch”, “/usr/fileToSend.txt”

Do you find the error?


Hello @amc,

I don’t see anything wrong with this program. Are you able to run the line
IsFile% = FS "touch", "/usr/fileToSend.txt" from the console with out errors?



I get the same message.

variable not found(16): IsFile% = FS “touch”, “/usr/fileToSend.txt”



Hi Amc,

What is the ewon device are you using and what Firmware are you running?

This is a bit odd this should be defining the variable at the same time. Can you set the IsFile% equal to 0 first? Or if you run just FS "touch", "/usr/fileToSend.txt" does the file get created in the usr directory?

If you provide me with talk2m login info and the user name and Password for the device I can remote into it and test this myself.



I updated de firmware to 13.2s1 and it works perfectly.

Thank you for the help!


Your welcome, Glad to hear it is working.



I have a problem a with the Historical Trending screen, I enabled this option with a check.
Two of the six tags I want to show make this graph perfectly, but the other tags doesn’t show me nothing and its has the same configuration.

Have you any idea of what its the problem?

Thank you!


Do you mean that only one of the tags are working when you do the historical logging? Or do you mean that you can only view one of the tags at a time with historical logging


I only see two of these tags, one to one in its history graph. When I open the graph of the other tags I don’t see anything, it doesn’t print any value of the tag.


Can we set up a time when I can take a look at this on team viewer?