VIEWON Page not found

Hello all,

I have a Flexy 205 running a pump system and has a viewon project in it.
Runing fine for exactly a year now.
Yesterday client called me saying he’s not able to acces the ‘hmi’ anymore.
I tried and he’s right (see picture)
The problem is my computer broke couple of months ago so I don’t have the original project anymore.

Flexy is still running his program nothing seems broke except this.

What are my options here ? What could cause this ?
Did another similar project and took the precaution of exporting the project this time…


Well … looked in the ‘‘usr/viewon/’’ directory and nothing … like empty…
That’s not good.
Second time something weird like that happens, last time was the vpn config who disappeared.
nice weekend ahead.

This is very strange. I would highly recommend making a backup of the device using eBuddy. Please make one with “Support Files” and one without. Please share the one with support files with us so we can take a look at it.


Yes strange, here is the backup with support file.


I took a quick at the configuration and logs and indeed the ViewON page appears to be completely gone with no indication that it was ever there. I can’t explain it.

However, it may have something to do with the script. There is code in the Cyclic Section of the BASIC IDE (the Cyclic Section has been removed from current firmware) which has been know to cause a lot of problems because it is running with every cycle of the CPU - extremely fast. I would highly recommend taking out that code, completely deleting the Cyclic Section, and moving it to the Init Section and adding a timer if you want it to repeat.

Another observation is that the Ewon is disconnecting from the cell tower every 60 minutes (this is the default behavior) and it’s taking a moment to reconnect and sometimes having problems reconnecting (occasionally even causing reboots). We have the setting ‘MaxCallDur’ in the comcfg.txt and it defaults to 60 minutes because older cellular networks didn’t like to see devices connected for long periods. I would recommend changing this to something like 1440 and see if you have any issues (I highly doubt you will) and if not you can change it to 0 and stop disconnecting at all.

I would also recommend updating the modem firmware to 20.00.507 and updating the firmware on the Flexy (using eBuddy) to 14.5.

Thanks for your advice, will try this.

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions.