ViewON tag operation


Hi Team!
it’s possible make some operation with viewontag?
for examplle:
1)display on a text element a text that is a
concatenation of the value of a float ewon tag + "some text " + other won tag?
2)display on a text element a text that is the sum of the values of two ewon int tag ?

thanks a lot for your precious support !


Hello @iw3bti1,

This is not built directly into viewon but you should be able to do this with some Basic scripting saving the data to a variable then using the !viewon to display the text.



with string it’s work, for example:
viewon!=myEwonStringTag1@ + " - " + myEwonStringTag2@

but with string + int + string i have an error



You will want to cast the int to a string first.

print x
print STR$x + " string"

will output:
255.00 string



in the ewon basic ide or in viewOn BASIC script ?


This will work in either location.