VPN Control via a Tag on Flexy


Would you like to use a digital input to enable/disable the VPN connection on your Flexy like you can with a Cosy? This can be done with a short BASIC script. This also gives you the option to control it via a bit/coil in the PLC instead.

To use it, copy and paste the following text into the “Init Section” of the BASIC IDE on-board the Flexy. Read the project description for the details.

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Trevor Lang
Field Applications Engineer
HMS Networks

//          VPN Control via a Tag - v1.0 (8/11/2021)
//          Project Description
//  This script will enable/disable the VPN connection based on the status of a tag called "VPNSwitch".
//  This tag must be created in the Flexy tag list prior to running this script.  When the tag is "true"
//  (i.e. non-zero), the VPN will be enabled.  When the tag is "false" (i.e. equal to zero) the VPN will 
//  be disabled.  The "VPNSwitch" tag can be associated with a digital input on the Flexy.  Via the digital
//  input, a key switch or selector switch can be hard-wired to the Flexy for local control of VPN 
//  connectivity.  An alternative would be to assign "VPNSwitch" to a bit/coil in the PLC.  This would give
//  the PLC the ability to enable/disable VPN connectivity.
//  To make this script run at boot-up, open the "Run" menu and check the box for "Autorun".
ONCHANGE "VPNSwitch", "@VPNControl(VPNSwitch@)"
IF ($VPNSwitch<>0) THEN
  // Open VPN connection
  SETSYS COM,"load"
  SETSYS COM,"VPNCnxType","2"
  SETSYS COM,"save"
  PRINT Time$;" - VPN connection opened"
  // Close VPN connection
  SETSYS COM,"load"
  SETSYS COM,"VPNCnxType","0"
  SETSYS COM,"save"
  PRINT Time$;" - VPN connection closed"
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I would like to add a comment to this post. There are several Flexy features that depend on the VPN connection. If you switch the VPN connection off, these services will not function: live KPI’s on M2Web.Talk2M.com, emails sent via the Talk2M relay server (relay.talk2m.com), DataMailbox uploads, M2Web API calls from third-party applications, etc. If your application depends on any of these services, it would be best to leave the VPN active full time.

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