VPN Error

I just want to ask you, what happen with this VPN status : Other Erorr
Many thanks for any reply and suggestion…


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-18 at 15.51.27|690x394

Hello Edward,

That could be caused by several issues. The errors are usually noted in the event logs.

If you can supply a back up with support files we can review it.

Thats from event log

Based off the errors that are showm

It looks to be an issue with the WAN connection. How is the internet configured for this unit?

The network configuration made as DHCP sir… so we follow the customer network setting

Based on the errors in the event logs, DHCP Server is not communicating with the Flexy. The flexy is not able to get a IP address.

Is that the current date/time settings of the unit?

Also I would advise performing a firmware update to our latest 14.2. This must be done sequentally 13->14.0->14.2.

If the date/time settings are 24 hours behind, you can manually assign the date in the system wizard.

That picture took yesterday sir on 18 june.
What caused DHCP server not communicating wiht flexy? is it network issue or firmware issue?
I was able to connect on 17 june (and also many times before), and i can do remote to the plc…please see the picture
Site location in Philippines


I would run the Internet wizard, but select “Initialize Configuration.” Once that is complete, if it fails send a backup with support files. This can be done using a local connecting using eBuddy.

Given the screenshot above, it looks like the device lost Internet connectivity.

Im afraid to do initialize configuration, because it was good before.

So it means, this is because of network issue?.. because no configuration changes with the ewon before until today. The ewon can get internet connection, but only VPN is error until now :frowning:

Given the event logs, it could be possible that someone assigned a static IP to the unit. This is part of the Internet Wizard process. The WAN Connection step looks for an IP via DHCP or Static. Once it recieves an IP it passes that step, it doesn’t necassarily mean that it is able to communicate with the Internet. This allows the Internet Wizard to show a “Connection”, but there is not communication.

Given the information that I have. It looks to be an issue with their network.

Okay Kevin, I will give this information as their reference to check the connection…
Many thanks before for your help sir.