VPN Failed: Access denied



I can’t get my eWON to connect to the VPN and keep getting “Failed: Access denied” as a diagnosis.


If you’re seeing this error it means that the device you’re using was registered on another account previously.

In order to get it working on a new account you can do one of the following:

  • Go to the previous account and click on: Device > Properties > Delete
  • if you don’t have access to the old account, you can go onto the new account and add a new eWON. After you finish setting up the new device copy the name of the device and follow the steps below:

On the device webpage go to the VPN wizard

click configure talk2m connectivity

Instead of registering with an activation key we’re going to register with eWON NAME instead:

Enter the following information including the name you grabbed from eCatcher

Access Denied when adding Flexy 205 to eCatcher

Thanks Tim!

What does registering with ewon name do differently then registering with the activation code?




Registering with an ewon name makes it so you don’t have to log into your Talk2m account and create a new device to get a activation key. the device is added with the name you create during this process.