VPN Failed: Access denied

I can’t get my eWON to connect to the VPN and keep getting “Failed: Access denied” as a diagnosis.

For security reason it is not possible to connect an Ewon device to a Talk2M account if it is already linked to another Talk2M account.

In order to get it working on a new account you can do the following:

  • Go to the previous account and click on: Device > Properties > Delete
  • On the Ewon device, re-run the Talk2M wizard to connect it to the new Talk2M account

If you no longer have access to the original account the you will need to reach out to your distributor or the company your purchased the device from for further assistance. We can work with your distributor to help remove the device from your account. If you purchased the device from a reseller you will need to contact them for further assistance.

Thanks Tim!

What does registering with ewon name do differently then registering with the activation code?


Registering with an ewon name makes it so you don't have to log into your Talk2m account and create a new device to get a activation key. the device is added with the name you create during this process.


I have the desing problem, i had deted the ewon from the previous account, and im trying to add in a new account, but everytime apper the fault operation skipped access denied… what can i do?


If you are receiving an access denied message then the device is already registered with an account. Factory resetting does not remove it from the account. Make sure the correct device was removed from the account.

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I deleted the ewon from the previous account, but it doesn’t work… there are some other solution for this problem? or how can i know the name from the account that the ewon was registered?


I get it, i found the previous account.

Have a nice day.

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