VPN tunnel to m221 and Coxy+


I have a remote Cosy+ connected to a m221 through USB and Ethernet. I can’t ping the IP address of the m221, it’s not visible. But I can connect (sometimes, don’t know why the incosistency) to it through USB.

I want to know if there is something out of ordinary on the configuration of the Cosy+ in order to communicate to a m221, because it’s been impossible. I can connect to the other Schneider Electric PLC’s such m241, m251, m262 although they use another software.

Anyone can throw some insights on this?

Thank you!

i you no answer for your problem, i am very interesting to test this on my work bench. I have M221 - M241 and M251. But i work with Flexy and i can’t use USB because the M221 it is soo limited

I think it shouldn’t be any difference between Cosy and Flexy connecting through ethernet. Have you been able to connect to a remote m221 with a Flexy?

There shouldn’t be any difference in how these devices are connected. What is the LAN IP address and subnet mask of your Ewon, and what is the IP address of the M221? Do the other devices have the Ewon’s LAN IP set as their gateway? If so, is this the case on the M221 as well?

Can you attach a support backup from your Ewon so we can check on its configuration? You can download one from the web interface under Diagnostic → Support Files.

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yess i work with my m221 on the ethernet rj45 port

Hi! Right now the Cosy is with my customer. As soon as I get it back I will try again and post with the results.

Thank you